Bangkok-Monday,13 March 2017, On behalf of pharmacy of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), Assit Prof. Dr.rer nat Endang Darmawan M.Si.,Apt given the speech and guest lecture in Siam University Thailand on Sunday, 13  March 2017. This lecture conveyed  for academic staffs and students by tittle”Activity of blac Cumin Oil on Metabloic  Syndrome”. Simultaneously,  undergraduate  student from UAD also doing research “research training” attended by Ramadhina Nurficahyanti from march and april 2017.

During one month Ramadhina  will attend the research under guidence her supervisior from Siam University, Asst Prof Dr. Werayut Pothitrat by tittle”Antibacterial causing acne activity of some medicinal plants”.