The faculty of pharmacy of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) is one of the 10 faculties possessed by UAD.The undergraduate program of the faculty of pharmacy of UAD was established in 1996 based on the decree of directorate general of academy (Dikti) No. 51/DIKTI/Kep./1997. It was followed by the establishment of the Professional program (PSPA) with the decree no. 003 year 2001 (decree of head of university (Rektor) of UAD) on 2 January 2001. On 31 March 2010, the decree of operational licence was issued by the directorate general of academy (Dikti) with the decree No. : 364/D/T/2010. As the part of  the UAD (the high institution of Muhammadiyah), the faculty of pharmacy has the moral responsibilty to solve the national problems related to public.

Through the quality education and the continuity, the faculty of pharmacy of UAD was targeted to enable the providing of professional medical workers that have responsibility to public in giving the highest service based on its competence standard. The improvement of the faculty of pharmacy was realized with the award of B accreditation based on the decree no. 012/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/2003. Next, based on decree of BAN-PT : 027/BANT-PT/Ak-XII/S1/IX/2009, obtained A for accreditation.

The beginning of the founding of UAD was located in campus I, Jalan Kapas. The students did their practical works in campus II on Jalan Pramuka. Starts from 1999, the faculty of pharmacy occupies campus III with the laboratory was placed near the campus III, which is integrated with the faculty of Science and Mathematics MIPA and Industrial Technology (FTI). The faculty of pharmacy has the biggest laboratory among other faculties.

The faculty of pharmacy started to recruit the new students in 1997 with only one classroom. The recruited students consisted of 117 students. The Javanese students dominated the faculty. Now, it was developed with the recruitment of other students from Sabang until Papua. During 21 years the faculty of pharmacy had ever had the changing of leadership three times in which 1006-1999 headed Prof. Dr. Sugiyanto, S.U., Apt. After the leadership the faculty was headed in two periods by Dr. Tedjo Yuwono, Apt. until 2008. The next period started in 2008-2012 was headed by Dr. Any  Guntarti, M.Si., Apt. and the period in 2013 – Now by Dr. Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, M.Si., Ph.D., Apt.

To date, Faculty of Pharmacy of UAD has 3 programs which are Undergraduate Program, Professional program and Postrgraduate program(Clinical Pharmacy and Herbal Medicine).