As stated in the Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Statute of 2015 chapter III, article 3, verses 2 and 3, the educational philosophy of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan is Moral and Intellectual Integrity. This educational philosophy explains Universitas Ahmad Dahlan has the main competencies in scientific development in the integrity of science, technology, and the arts, Islamic science, and development.


Educational philosophy of Faculty of Pharmacy UAD and its study programs is derived from characteristic of the Muhammadiyah teaching that generate Islamic reform movement (tajdid) which is in line with the field of Amal Usaha Muhammadiyah (AUM) particularly in health services. The educational philosophy focuses on the implementation of the three pillars of higher education (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi) in accordance with “Islamic Modernization and Echoing-through-the-Ages Concepts”. Islamic modernization is presented by facilitating students to grow as learners and providing them with knowledge, skills, and attitude with strong pharmacy competencies in community[1]clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical technology and natural resources development. According to the Muhammadiyah’s movement identity, the students are equipped with critical thinking, curiosity, problem solving skill and well-rounded leadership spirit, religious, and responsible in current and future times. Echoing-through-the-ages is portrayed by providing students with pharmacy competencies that focuses on guiding the students to be able to provide patient-oriented pharmaceutical care and social-driven health promotion as well as implementing pharmaceutical sciences based on diversity in multicultural settings. Further, it also refers to the “eight stars of pharmacist” concept that means to prepare the pharmacy graduates to be a leader, decision maker, communicator, teacher, long-life leaner, care giver, manager and researcher. By the end of the education, students are expected to be globally competitive, able to produce scientific product with high functionality for community, able to do entrepreneurship and collaborate with others as well as able to perform the independency in the development and application of pharmaceutical sciences for community purposes. In addition to career-specific skills, professional behavior and ethical value, students are also equipped with Islamic and moral values to support their resilient intellectual and academic foundation

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