A Collaboration between RISTOJA Faculty of Pharmacy of UAD and B2P2TOOT

Yogyakarta- On Thursday (13/05/2018), the Faculty of Pharmacy of UAD received a visit from Aniska Novita Sari from B2P2TOOT Balitbangkes Ministry of Health. The purpose of the visit is to build a collaborative work for phytochemical and medicinal plant DNA profiling to explore the local wisdom of ethnomedicine and community-based medicinal plants in Indonesia (Ristoja). There are 138 samples of medicinal plants from Ristoja 2017 which will be analyzed by HPLC at the UAD Pharmacy. This is a form of B2P2TOOT’s trust in UAD Pharmacy after one of the Pharmacy lecturers of UAD, Dr. Kintoko, M.Sc., Apt., involved in Ristoja 2015 and Ristoja 2016. In addition, UAD Pharmacy has adequate laboratory facilities to support this collaborative research. The laboratory of UAD Pharmacy has 3 HPLC units that can be used in support of the medicinal plant DNA profiling research. This collaboration is also in line with the focus of the Faculty of Pharmacy of UAD in developing herbal medicines. Master’s program of Pharmacy of UAD also collaborates with B2P2TOOT on scientific research in the field of herbal medicine. With these various collaborative activities, it is hoped that medicine with natural ingredients will be highly in demand in our own country and also on an international scale. (DV)