apt. Annas Binarjo, MSc.

Assistant Professor


Research Topics In General : Preformulasi, Biofarmasetika, Drug delivery

Current Research Interest : Crystal polymorphism, Bioavailability enhancement, Transdermal Drug Delivery

Description :

  1. Formation of piroxicam solid disperse to increase dissolution rate: Physical stability during storage
  2. Increased transdermal losartan permeation
  3. Small molecule crystal polymorphisms

Representative Publications :

Binarjo, Annas and Nugroho, Akhmad Kharis (2019) “Improvement of Losartan Transdermal Permeation using Oleic Acid Pretreatment: in Vitro Observation and in Vivo Prediction,” Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research: Vol. 6 : No. 1 , Article 3.
DOI: 10.7454/psr.v6i1.4120

Binarjo, Annas and Khotimah, Husnul, Disolusi Kapsul Dispersi Padat Piroksikam-PEG 6000 Selama Penyimpanan, Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Vol 4, No 1 (2017)