Yogyakarta- On Thursday (30/11), the Faculty of Pharmacy of UAD received a visit from Prof. dr. B. (Bob) Wilffert who is Head of the Department of Pharmacotherapy, Epidemiology and Economics, 

University of Groningen, Netherlands. On his visit to UAD, Prof. B. Wilffert had the opportunity to give a guest lecture to Pharmacist Professional students of UAD. In his lecture, Prof. B. Wilffert spoke about “Individualization of Pharmacotherapy by Pharmacogenetics” and explained the role of pharmacogenetics in pharmacotherapy. Pharmacogenetics is a branch of pharmacology that studies the influence of genetic factors on drug metabolism. Genetic factors in each individual are different, which causes differences in drug metabolism between individuals. This also may result in different effects of drugs, both the desired and the side effects. Prof. B. Wilffret used a polymorphism of the cytochrome enzyme as an example. Cytochrome-P450 is a metabolizing enzyme that is present in the liver and has different forms of isoenzymes in every individual. This causes the metabolism of a drug in each individual to be different. In addition, Prof. B. Wilffert also had a conversation with the Pharmacy lecturers of UAD regarding the Ph.D. candidates from the department, the development of pharmacological research in Groningen, and collaborative research between Groningen and UAD. (dvp_Humas Pharmacy UAD)