Dr. Nining Sugihartini, M.Si., Apt

Associate Professor

Research Topic In General:

Drug and cosmetic development

Current Research Interest:

  1. Optimization of green tea extract topical dosage formulas as anti-inflammatory
  2. Development of clove flower essential oil dosage form as an anti-inflammatory
  3. Development of the dosage form of Moringa leaf extract and papaya fruit extract as a skin protector and moisturizer


Research grants that have been obtained are Doctoral Grants (National and Local), Competitive Grants, Inter-University Collaboration Grants as Partner researchers and Postgraduate Team Grants.

The grand research that is currently being carried out is to develop a dosage form for Moringa leaf extract and papaya fruit extract as a skin protector and moisturizer. The first year determines the type of solvent that is most optimal in extracting the active ingredients, the second year determines the concentration of the active substance and the third year the development of preparations with the addition of enhancers

Representative Publications:

  1. Formulasi Gel Ekstrak Etanol Kulit Buah Manggis (Garcinia Mangostana L.) Dengan Variasi Gelling Agent Sebagai Sediaan Luka Bakar tahun 2015
  2. Formulation Cream of Extract Moringa oleifera Leave as Antiaging di Berkala Ilmu Kedkteran Kulit dan Kelamin tahun 2017
  3. The Profile of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Syzigium aromaticum Volatile Oilin Lotion with Variation Composition of Oleic acid and Propilene glycl as enhancer di Trad. Med. Journal tahun 2017
  4. Gel Formulation of Ethanol Extract of Mangosteen Peel (Garcinia mangostana) as A Medication for Burns in Wistar Rats di Jurnal Kedokteran dan Kesehatan Indonesia tahun 2017
  5. Anti-inflammatory Activity of Cream Type O/W with Concentration Variationof Essential Oils of Clove (Szyzigium aromaticum ) di Advance Science Letter tahun 2017