Laboratory Profile

Clinical, Community and Information System Pharmacy Laboratory consist Of Three main laboratory:
1. Pharmaceutical Care laboratory
2. Mini pharmacy
3.  CBT center


Pharmaceutical Care Laboratory
The Pharmaceutical Care Laboratory is a laboratory located on the 2nd floor of the Laboratory Building on campus 3. This laboratory has a virtual patient simulator called the Body Interact Simulator. This tool is a virtual patient to see the effect or condition of the patient after receiving a treatment or therapy .

Some of the activities carried out in the Pharmaceutical Care lab are:

  • Pharmaceutical Care Practice
  • Skill Lab for Pharmaceutical Care Practice Blok Hospital Using Body Interact Simulator
  • Drug Therapy Monitoring Lecture for Masters Students of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Problem Based Learning Tutorial Activities for  Professional Program Student
  •  Workshop Using Body Interact Simulator

Mini Pharmacy
Mini Pharmacy is a miniature  pharmacy. This laboratory show us the real conditions in a pharmacy.
Some of the activities carried out at this Mini Pharmacy are:

  • Role Play for Communication,
  • Information and Education Practicum (IEC)

Information Systems Laboratory (CBT-Center)

The Information Systems Laboratory (CBT-Center) is a laboratory located on the 3rd floor of the Ahmad Dahlan University campus 3. This laboratory is the Computer Based Test Center of the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Ahmad Dahlan  . Activities carried out in this lab include:

  • Pre-PKPA CBT Examination for Pharmacies and Hospitals for  Professional  Program Students,
  •  The Indonesian Pharmacist Competency National Examination.