Pre-Launching of Mu UAD Clinic in Lampung


Lampung – UAD spreads its wings as a form of participation in the regional development in Indonesia. One of UAD and UAD Pharmacy alumni’s roles in developing public health was demonstrated through a Blood Donation program held on Saturday (14/04/2018). The blood donation was also part of Mu UAD Clinic’s Pre-Launching agenda in South Metro, Lampung. The activity, which took place from 07.30 to 10.30, was attended by the general public, branch administrators, personnel of the Mu UAD of South Metro Clinic, PC IMM (Muhammadiyah Students Association) Metro city, involving 26 participants. The community greatly appreciated the program. The Mu UAD Clinic will operate on April 22, 2018. It is hoped that this activity will serve as socialization and introduction of Mu UAD Clinic to the public in South Metro in particular. In the future, Mu UAD Clinic can be widely known and provide benefits to the community. This activity was also covered by Lampung TV ( (DV)