The 2018 Student’s Parents’ Visit to the Faculty

Yogyakarta– On Wednesday (03/09/2018), a meeting between the faculty management and parents of the new 2018 students was held. Attending the meeting were Dr. Dyah A. Perwitasari, M.Si., PhD., Apt. as the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy UAD, Dr. Nining Sugihartini, M.Sc., Apt as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy UAD, and Siti Fatmawati Fatimah, M.Sc., Apt as the Secretary of the UAD Pharmacy Study Program. It was a regular meeting held at the beginning of the academic year and as a series of Student Orientation Programs joined by the new students. With this meeting, it is hoped that the student’s parents will participate and take an active role in monitoring and supporting their children’s activities on the campus. During the meeting, the faculty management introduced the parents to the general information about the faculty of pharmacy, the vision and mission, the study period, students’ supervision, and other activities, including the lecturers’ profiles and teaching staff at the UAD Faculty of Pharmacy. (DV)