The Inauguration Of The Head Of The Pharmacy Bachelor Degree Program and The Pharmacist Professional Study Program

Yogyakarta– On Wednesday (16/01/2019), the Study Program Heads’ inauguration ceremony was held for the Pharmacy Bachelor Degree Program and Pharmacist Professional Study Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. They were Dr. Dwi Utami, M.Si., replacing Dr. Nurkhasanah, M.Si., Apt as the Head of Pharmacy Bachelor Degree Program, and Dr.rer.nat. Endang Darmawan, M.Si. Apt, replacing Moch. Saiful Bachri, P.Hd., M.Si., Apt as the Head of the Pharmacist Professional Study Program. The inauguration was held at Campus 1 of UAD led by the Rector of UAD, Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum. The handover of the previous Head of Study Program’s position to the new Head of Study Program had been conducted previously on Thursday (10/01/2018) at Campus 3 of UAD. (dv)