Pharmacist  Program

Vision :

To be an excellent and innovative Pharmacist Program in pharmaceutical practices at national and international level, to contribute to the national interests based on Islamic values.


Mission :

  1. Organizing an excellent and innovative Pharmacist Program higher education based on Islamic and Muhammadiyah values (AIK).
  2. Organizing educational and research activities in pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical technology, and community-clinical pharmacy to support pharmaceutical practices in accordance with the development of science and technology.
  3. Organizing community services according to utilization of natural substances and good pharmaceutical care based on the Islamic and Muhammadiyah concepts.
  4. Promoting national and international collaboration to support education, research, and community services.

Objectives :

  1. Producing pharmacists who are professional in pharmaceutical practices, nationally-and-internationally-competitive based on Islamic values.
  2. Producing pharmacists who have abilities and skills in entrepreneurship and collaboration with experience in pharmaceutical research.
  3. Producing scientific products that are useful for the community.
  4. Developing community awareness based on Islamic da’wah concept.