Vision and Mission of Pharmacist Postgraduate Study Program

a. Vision

To become an integrative education institution living with Islamic values in which it committed on excellence by continuously developing insightful knowledge in global scale.

b. Mission

    1. Providing a continuous education on moral development through teaching and learning process, whether it is online or offline, which is scaffolded with the latest knowledge, diversity, and creativity of the lecturers, the students, and the staffs.
    2. Conducting research and deliver scientific works that enforce on the human resource development, economy development, global mutual understanding, and an advancement of professionalism.
    3. Strengthening the collaboration activities between the study program and the industry, the government, and the other education institutions on various level, nationally and internationally, resulting in the valuable, sociable, and applicable knowledge for the society.
    4. Constantly improving the Islamic environment suitable for both individuals and groups by implementing integrated program on education, research, and community service programs.