A Study Tour to Beatrixoord Tuberculosis Care, Haren

Groningen- On Tuesday (18-12-2018), the Dean of Pharmacy Faculty UAD, Dr. Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, M.Si., PhD., Apt, visited Beatrixoord, Haren. The visit was a cooperation between the Pharmacy Faculty of UAD and Groningen University for facilities provided by the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands. It aimed to study the healthcare worker’s interactions in performing personalized therapies to tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis patients in Beatrixoord, Haren, received personalized therapies based on drug levels in their blood. It is to anticipate some tuberculosis medication’s ineffectiveness to patients with diabetes and malnutrition. In ensuring the effectiveness, blood samples were regularly taken, and dosage adjustment was applied. Collaboration between doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and social workers in Beatrixoord was excellent, resulting in complete TB patients’ service.

Treatment rooms for TB patients are comfortable, allowing patients from various countries to adapt to the environment and other patients. Further, a negatively pressurized room is available to each treatment room that requires isolation to prevent the spread of TB. The Facilities for daily activities included a relaxing room, creative room, living room, kitchen, dining room, and exercise room. Sufficient facilities and room installations for the TB condition will help to achieve TB treatment goals. In realizing the MOU with Groningen University, the Pharmacy of UAD will extend cooperation with other departments, i.e., Pharmacotherapy Department, Clinical Pharmacy Department, Pharmacology and Lung Department UMCG. (Dyah)