Open Discussion at PPI Rotterdam by Dr. Dyah Aryani P, M.Si, PhD., Apt



Rotterdam – Monday (17-12-2018) Dr. Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, M.Sc., PhD., Apt had the opportunity to be a speaker in the Open Discussion held by PPI Rotterdam (Indonesian Students’ Association Alliance) at Erasmus University. The discussion was carried out with the topic “The Problems of Tuberculosis Treatment in Indonesia.” At the beginning of the presentation, Dr. Dyah shared her experiences about exciting research topics after completing her study in the Netherlands with PPI members. Interesting topics funded by the Indonesian government were the ones in accordance with the nation’s current conditions. An example was a study on tuberculosis (TB) in Indonesia, where it is the country with the second-highest TB burden in the world after India. The discussion continued with a discussion regarding applying the research results during the study in the Netherlands in Indonesia. Further research was needed to determine the application of research results considering the conditions, cost factors, and government policies.