The Visit of The People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) to the Pharmacy of UAD: Drafting of the Jamu Laws

Yogyakarta – On Thursday (30/08/2018), the Secretary-General of DPR RI, accompanied by the Vice Head of Jamu (Traditional Herbal Medicine) Entrepreneur Association of Yogyakarta, visited the Pharmacy Faculty of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan at around 11.00. The purpose was to interview Dr. Kintoko, M.Si., Apt (the lecturer of the Pharmacy of UAD) regarding the laws for Jamu (Traditional herbal Medicine). The Commission X of DPR RI (The People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia) was preparing the draft. Until recently, Indonesia hasn’t established any law regarding traditional herbal medicine. Meanwhile, other countries such as India, China, Japan, dan Korea already issued theirs. Indonesian jamu potentials are massive, and it may become the national economic support. Further, the national revenue may reach 23 trillion. The House of Representative members’ visit to the Pharmacy of UAD aimed to find information from the expertise of the academics in Jamu. Dr. Kintoko, the General Head of Griya Sehat Tradisional Indonesia, was involved in the Mapping Project for the Raw Materials and National Jamu Industry in 2008. It was initiated by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Moreover, he participated in the research on medicinal plants and Jamu in 2015 and 2016 conducted by the Ministry of Health. In 2018, he was appointed by the Ministry of Health to conduct phytochemical profiling research of medicinal herbs from an ethnomedicine survey in 2017. (DV)