UAD Pharmacy Student Exchange Programme

    Kuala Lumpur – One of the Pharmacy students of UAD, M. Arief Ramadhan, had the opportunity to become a delegate in a student exchange program called International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) (07/2018). This is an annual program that has been providing opportunities for students from IPSF Member Organizations and IPSF Individual Members to explore the world of pharmacy in other countries since 1953. Currently, there are 64 associations from more than 50 countries around the world participating in the program and more than 750 international exchange students each year. The educational movement in pharmacy is important to prepare pharmacy students for future health professionals in a dynamic global health environment.


   In this program, IPSF provides an opportunity for all pharmacy students in the world to experience pharmaceutical developments in other countries. Foreign pharmacy students have the chance to come to Indonesia and follow a series of student exchange activities, including an internship in pharmaceutical industries and hospitals, or research practices. In addition, for about 1-2 months, students who take part in the exchange program will also be allowed to explore the culture of the visited country and see cultural differences with the culture in their home countries. Muhammad Arief Ramadhan is a Pharmacy student of UAD who was selected to be one of the 48 Indonesian delegates of the exchange program from hundreds of candidates. On this occasion, Arief was placed at Ideal Nauticare Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Ideal Nauticare has 2 business units, namely Retail Pharmacy (Ideal Pharmacy) and pharmacy auditor on cruise ships. “When in Malaysia, I learned that Malaysians consist of 3 different races which lead to a difference in medications but they generally prefer and have a stronger belief in herbal medicine over generic medicine. At the pharmacy, I observed the culture, ethics, and behavior of patients. I also learned how to manage a pharmacy (pharmacy management, pharmacoeconomics, good consultation, and many more) and how to test blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and photocopying services as well. I gain remarkable experiences during the clinical pharmacy practice in Malaysia which I might not be able to get here in Indonesia. Those experiences have changed me for the better. I want to thank those who have helped me to get this opportunity, especially the Faculty of Pharmacy UAD and BIMAWA UAD who have set up a full fund for me to participate in this event. I also want to thank ISMAFARSI, IPSF, MyPSA, and all Ideal Nauticare staff who have taught me valuable lessons that I would not possibly get while in Indonesia” said M. Arief Ramadhan, a Pharmacy student of UAD, a delegation to ISMAFARSI student exchange program 2018. (DV)